Cooperative Research Centre Project

On Thursday April 11th all the participants in CRCp FIVE 000103 met at Callidus Welding Solutions in Wangara, Western Australia.

Callidus Welding Meeting

(From left to right) Adam Pendleton (Newcrest), Dean Harris, Meysam Davoody and Lachlan Graham (CSIRO), Maya Polanski (Murrin Murrin), Gary Lantzke, Joe Ellis (Callidus Welding Solutions), Daniel Fabijanic, Santiago Corujeira Gallo (Deakin University) and Dominic Flaxman (Callidus Welding Solutions).

CRCp FIVE 000103, a Cooperative Research Centre Project brings together Callidus Welding Solutions, Newcrest Mining, Murrin Murrin Operations, Deakin University and CSIRO to research and derive Long-life alloy components for efficient hydrometallurgical processing.

The planning of this project has seen all participants agree on outcomes for research, IP and a timeframe for trials and implementation of new technology to drive improvements in the life of critical processing equipment. Following from this “Participant Agreement”, this first full meeting was called to gather appropriate information and discuss current approaches and issues.

Progress toward the first 3 milestones of the project was measured and there was also discussion on early trials of what looks like very promising early results.

Callidus Welding Solutions would like to thank Department of Industry, Innovation and Science as well as Newcrest Mining, Murrin Murrin Operations, C.S.I.R.O and Deakin University for their ongoing support and cooperation in this project.