Continuing Research Focus

It’s been almost 18 months since the Minister for Jobs and Innovation visited Callidus Welding Solutions (CWS) to award this CRCp grant.

The grant was recognition of a concept to bring Industry Partners together with reputable Research organisations to solve process reliability issues in what is some of the most severe service conditions in extractive mining.

While COVID-19 has us all bunkered down, working from home and wondering where the next sale is coming from, CWS is busy producing samples, performing FEA analysis and preparing to put some of the research into full-scale prototype equipment.

The key focus of the research is in lowering erosion on process equipment and designing surface modifications that can reduce corrosion in severe service conditions.

The final touches are being put on a new surface modification alloy. A patent has been lodged for an additive surface modification and designs are in the final stage of verification pre-fabrication.

Corrosion Welding Research

We are all getting excited about the very real potential this research has in make a significant difference.