Innovations Connection

Over the past 2 years Callidus Welding Solutions has been working in conjunction with Deakin University. The joint project is called “Toward the optimisation of a novel surface modification process”.

As of last week, this project is now complete. CWS is very pleased to report that in all areas it has achieved positive results.

A summary of the achievements:

  • A multilayer gradient structured process has been produced. This multi-layered process has a hardness around 1000HV and a 3 fold increase in toughness over our previous deep TiN.
  • An alloy addition system allowing Callidus to add properties to the Titanium Nitride.
    This has resulted in
    – refinement of the Dendritic grain structure;
    – significant increase in toughness;
    – up to 5 times reduction in material loss under G65 abrasion testing and;
    – an amazing kick in corrosion performance.

We also threw in some ballistic testing. This found we can increase the ballistic velocity limit for Ti Gr 5 up to almost the same a Boron steel but with a weight saving of almost 40%

It’s been great fun experimenting and learning what we are capable of. Our search for corrosion and erosion solutions on Titanium substrates goes from strength to strength.