Repair of In-service Equipment

Repair exotic materials

    Our roots lie in repair and maintenance of high cost plant and equipment. The ability to understand exotic metals and the changes to them after being in severe service stands Callidus Welding Solutions apart from others.
    Whether it’s a worn titanium feed pipe, a corroded Super Duplex valve body or a cracked Inconel injection stem. We can work through the root cause and propose short term through to long term repair options and develop welding procedures to give you peace of mind over the integrity of the repair.

    Repair options

    Our repair options include, but are not limited to:
    • Rebuild – repair using the same metal back to original shape
    • Overlay – repair by using a more erosion or corrosion resistant metal
    • Coatings – stop erosion or corrosion by means of a resistant thin film
    • Remove and replace – removal of the effected area and replace with new and re certify

    All these services are common place, discussed and agreed with the customer so that when the item returns to service its as good, if not better than original.

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