Robotic Welding

Latest Robotic Welding Technology

Reduce cost – repeatable quality – faster lead times

Callidus Welding Solutions are equipped with latest robotic welding technology. Our versatile and advanced GTAW / GMAW robotic welding systems can efficiently apply a wide range of materials, effectively reducing the cost and turnaround of your repair and manufacturing requirements.

Our multi-axis robots ensure we deliver repeatable quality to the highest of standards.

Finely tuned and consistent weld deposits ensure any post weld machining requirements take minimal time. Any components left ‘as welded’ have the world class appearance that you desire.

Robotic Welding Materials

    • Titanium
    • Super Duplex
    • Stainless Steels
    • Carbon steels
    • Hard facing alloys*

*(link to surface modification)

Our Equipment

    • Panasonic TAWERS TA 1600 GII GTAW / GMAW
    • Panasonic TAWERS TA 1600 GIII GTAW / GMAW

Both systems are fully integrated and harmonized with 2 additional external axis for complex component manipulation.

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