Surface Engineering – A Quick Case Study

Our customer needed longer life out of their autoclave agitation equipment so they didn’t have to stop production mid-campaign for an agitator blade changeout to maintain plant efficiency.

Callidus Welding Solutions engineered the solution – a dual process coating made up of a titanium nitrided base layer, applied by fully automated GTAW, overlayed with a blended ceramic coating applied by fully automated atmospheric plasma spray.

The Result: Agitation equipment that lasts 2 campaigns.

The R&D team at Callidus Welding Solutions are now working on achieving the next step change in our clients’ agitator equipment – 3 campaigns!

Surface Engineering - Titanium

Titanium Nitriding of HPAL Autoclave Agitator Blade.
Fully Automated GTAW

Surface Engineering

Ceramic Coating of a HPAL Autoclave Agitator Blade.
Fully Automated Atmospheric Plasma Spray.