Surface Modification – APS and TiN

Surface Engineering

    Callidus Welding Solutions specialise in surface engineering. Our versatile and advanced coating processes can apply a wide range of materials to meet your unique specifications.
    With our multi-axis robots, we create uniform coatings and surface modifications on components with complex geometries.

    Our automated systems ensure we deliver repeatable quality to the highest of standards.

    Coating application

    Facing erosion, corrosion, abrasive wear, or thermal fatigue on your materials? We offer a solution to these issues. Titanium Nitride, ceramics, tungsten carbides, chromium carbides, pure metals, nickel alloys, thermal barriers and abradables are just a few of the coatings we can apply by using one of our several coating systems.

    Reduce your costs and down time

    – Increase the service life of your components with an engineered coating that is tailored to withstand specific service conditions.
    – Manufacture parts from a cheaper substrate and overlay with an engineered coating

Our Equipment:

  • Atmospheric Plasma Spray
  • HVOF
  • Flame Spray
  • Master Jet (Rokide®)
  • Plasma Transferred Arc
  • GTAW Ti Nitriding

We utilise our in-house Material Laboratory for quality assurance and coating development.

Contact us now if you are interested in how our team can help you solve your material problems.

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