Weld Techniques

(Semi-) automatic and manual weld

Callidus Welding Solutions has developed a number of weld techniques to achieve the reliable application of qualified weld procedures. Welding automation is an essential part of achieving repeatability and deposition efficiency. We continually develop welding automation, semi-automation and manual methods. Our team understands that semi-automation and manual techniques still require further development for specific site application, where restricted access has to be overcome.

Techniques include:

  • Rack & rotator using semi-automatic GTAW-P, GMAW-P and FCAW-P welding corrosion and / or wear overlays, fully automatic robotic cold wire GTAW-P, GMAW-P & FCAW-P for joining and overlays.
  • Specifically developed overlays & surface treatment for special corrosion & wear requirements.
  • Automatic weld rebuild on range of materials.
  • Manual weld rebuild on range of materials.

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