Welding Trends 2019

We recently found an article that caught our attention. It’s key points aligned strongly with our visions and objectives.


We thought we would outline our vision and objectives below inline with the points outlined in the article.

Rapid Growth in Robotic Welding

Last year CWS purchased and installed their 6th robot and latest Panasonic TAWERS GTAW system. This will allow us to continue to improve quality and efficiency to add more value for our clients.

Surface Engineering - Titanium

The focus for this year is to challenge the robotics department, starting with 200+ butt welds for a spooling package scheduled this month.

Lack of Qualified Welders

CWS are 100% committed to investing in the skills and qualifications of our tradespersons and apprentices.

CWS Apprentices

Pictured: Clarisse Orchard and Mohammad Arifin (missing from picture Steve Barnard).

Advanced Technologies

Using SolidWorks, our Engineering Department can computer generate models for the evaluation of design concepts and manufacturing techniques.

Welding technology

We also installed off-line programming – Panasonic DTPS software. This was done last year to assist with programming of our automated systems, proving to be very valuable as we grow this area of the business.

Welding Safety

We continually review businesses health and safety risks. This ensures we challenge and identify the requirements to ensure we provide a safe place of work.

Welding Safety

Last year we identified the need to update our BA equipment. This led to an investment in air purification breathing systems for on-site and workshop activity.